Sex worker friendly

Sex Worker Friendly?

Sex work is real work, and here’s why.

For years, sex workers have been ignored, and it’s really starting to irritate me. How can businesses prioritize profit over people? Or do they profit from the people and forget about why they started?

That’s not our style. We see people for who they are and what they post, which includes sex workers. We have created a platform that prioritizes the people, ensuring that they remain in control and earn in a safe online space. It’s no surprise that we’re a fan favourite. With rigorous verification processes, stringent acceptable use policies, and a killer moderating process, this is a brand new experience for the creator economy.

Being a platform that allows pornography is a difficult job, but we’re up for it. We went to great lengths to ensure that you can always work safely within the digital domain we call XXXCLUSIVE. Why should you, the creator, be thrown to the sidelines when sex work is legitimate work? Corporations such as Instagram, Facebook, and OnlyFans have failed to recognize this, and their self-serving profit-driven practices are driving me insane.

Our goal is to return control to you, the creator. You get to decide what to post when to post it, who to market to, and how to manage your profile. Yes, we have rules, and you must respect them; but, our standards are less restrictive than most, which is why we will pioneer this innovative world.

XXXCLUSIVE is a community of fans and creators who form genuine connections. That is precisely what should happen. There will be no spam accounts, bots, ads, harassment, account deletions with no justification (wink wink to those who shall remain unnamed), or hoarding of monies for no reason (another wink wink). We take pleasure in influencing change and making a meaningful difference, including taking care of our sex workers.

The market has been screaming for something new. A platform that values all parties and a platform that cares.

If you are new to the content creation world or an already established name in the game, then XXXCLUSIVE is for you. Find out more here.